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BGMG Med Spa offers the most advanced laser technology in Los Angeles. The new Syneron Candela Elos Plus allows us to offer a full range of the most in-demand and advanced lasers services in Los Angeles.

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Butt Cupping Therapy






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Butt Cupping Therapy

Butt Cupping therapy is a non-evasive, non-surgical technique for tissue stimulation for your buttock in a short period of time.

No anesthesia required.

Immediate results within 45 minutes. The procedure promotes blood circulation, clearance of toxins, and removes cellulite and clumpy fatty deposits. It reshapes and contours your butt

Slight discomfort in the buttocks area.

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Temporary bruising will happen during and after the procedure due to the pressure of the cups but it will disappear the day after.

Post Recovery

Exercise the buttocks for at least 25-30 minutes for best results.