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BGMG Med Spa offers the most advanced laser technology in Los Angeles. The new Syneron Candela Elos Plus allows us to offer a full range of the most in-demand and advanced lasers services in Los Angeles.

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Oxygen Facial


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Oxygen Facial

The Oxygen Facial is designed to hydrate the skin by using pressurized oxygen to allow a serum to penetrate deeper into the skin. This facial replenishes the levels of oxygen in your skin, eliminates wrinkles and blemishes, and restores a youthful appearance to your skin.

The oxygen facial helps dish the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging while enhancing overall hydration and promoting younger-looking skin. Not only does this treatment help shrink pores, but it offers a deep cleansing so you can have acne and blemish-free skin. This facial infuses our skin with essential vitamins and oxygen, promoting the production of collagen.

Anti-aging, dehydrated skin, cleaning bacteria, and Lightening hyperpigmentation.

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Can be followed with extractions, Hydrojelly masks, LED Light-Therapy ,Ice Globes, Skin Scrubber Spatula ( extra cost).

At least 6 to 10 sessions are recommended once a week (depending on the facial prior). Drinking plenty of water and wearing SPF everyday, which can be purchased in the BGMG Shop.